Zaink wants his money back

How Zaink normally looks.

Zaink is a teenage chibiwinkle with green hair (and wings) and red skin. He is part of the chibiwinkle hero team.


Full Name: Zaink Kankate

One word: Relaxed


Zaink is born to the Kankate (Kan-cah-tay) family and lives in number 22 diin street. He is the cousin of Clara and Ben, who are also members of the chibiwinkle hero team. He is generally relaxed, but gets into some very hyper moods if anything unusual or exciting happens. He is the next door neighbour of Poppy, who he may possibly have a crush on.



  • Masto
  • Clara (cousin)
  • Ben (cousin)
  • Poppy (possible crush)


  • Nogitax (arch nemesis)
  • Mr.Cryption
  • Gun-Gun


  • Poppy (possibly)

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